Week 4 of Love Circular: An Overview

Bit of a late post as always but a very nice week :-)

Presented my first design task this week and it went much better than all of my previous presentations. I received great feedback from my reviewer (another student) alongside my instructor. I also decided to publish a mini case study of this task which has received good reception both on and off social media. I also decided to undertake my first proper case study which should hopefully by released this Thursday or Friday absolute latest since I’ve completed my research and some of the ideation phase. This week I realised I enjoy both UX Research and UI Design. Whilst conducting my interviews I realised I enjoy coming out of my shell and talking to people; with more than one conversation going beyond the interview topic. I think this week I also realised my passion for building a product from scratch; which will hopefully shine through more once I publish the project I am currently working on but has hopefully already shone through slightly with the screenshots of my portfolio site I’m coding and keep posting on Twitter 😅.

I took a slight break from #DailyUI this week to focus on completing my task to a high quality but will hopefully return in the coming week.

There’s other good news I want to share but the results aren’t solid enough, soon come though.

Ciao 🚀




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