After finishing Love Circular and my first freelance project I decided to begin job-searching properly. As you can tell from the title, this went somewhat well.

I recently began my first UX Design position at Social Plug; a start-up focused on creating a platform which enables both local and online…

Problem: Users struggle to find reliable skincare information and advice directly from one source alongside struggling to maintain consistency in a skincare routine


Duration: 10 Days

Roles: UX Researcher, UI Designer

Research Tools: Google Meets

Design Tools: Figma

Oracle was an idea I had just under a year…

Bit of a late post as always but a very nice week :-)

Presented my first design task this week and it went much better than all of my previous presentations. I received great feedback from my reviewer (another student) alongside my instructor. I also decided to publish a mini…

As a part of my Love Circular course I was required to problem solve an existing app or website page. I decided to re-design an entire app; choosing easyJet.

Problem: Inaccessible, crowded design lacking in usability

Final Outcome:

Role: UX Researcher, UI Designer

Duration: 4 Days

Process Overview


Strange how quickly time flies when you’re having fun and/or working towards your goals. Completed the research stage of the Love Circular course and honestly? Not that bad at all. If anything, pretty enjoyable. I’m pleasantly surprised at my understanding of UX research.

This week’s presentation didn’t go as smoothly…

Writing this one very late but just in time. This week was really good as well 😄. Completed my first presentation task and it went surprisingly well despite me being fairly nervous and my laptop having issues a couple hours prior (I had to put it in rice and find my old one). I feel like alongside my knowledge of UXUI developing I’m also growing as a person.

I feel like I’m coming out of my shell a lot, which is surprising but refreshing. I’m embracing and enjoying it. I’m also networking quite a lot and fairly organically too, which is good ☺️. Looking forward to learning more about design in the coming weeks as well as completing my case study 😁.

So it begins.

Week 1 of Love Circular has been good so far. I’m pleasantly surprised at how digestible the content is. As someone coming from a design background as opposed to a research one, I’m enjoying learning about user research a lot. …

Cool here goes.

Starting Love Circular tomorrow, you know the vibes.

Fairly excited to see how much my design skills grow over the duration of the course alongside learning about UX research and other fundamentals in more depth. I feel I’ve done fairly well to prep; reading most of the articles in the prep pack plus becoming familiar with Figma over 2 weeks of intense designing more or less daily, largely helped by using #DailyUI to hold myself accountable and also not having to come up with entirely new ideas due to daily prompts.

One thing I’m slightly concerned about is if my participation during discussions will be enough due to being naturally introverted but I’ll cross that bridge (hopefully successfully) when I come to it.

Let’s go 🚀

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